Our Team

Founded in 2002, Crossroads Healthcare Management LLC is a family owned limited liability company duly organized under the laws of the state of New Jersey and authorized to do business in the state of New York.  At its core, Crossroads is a third-party administrator specializing in the administration of self-funded health and welfare benefit plans sponsored by labor unions…but Crossroads is so much more than a TPA.

There is no stronger union than family.

The unwavering bond of love and trust is passed down from generation to generation. To honor and protect the union family is our mission.  Everything we do is done to protect the health of the membership and to strengthen the union. Every day is an opportunity to keep the union family safe. This is our pledge.

Our Leadership

Michael A. DeBartolome

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. DeBartolome received his B.A. in Business Management and Economics from Washington College, class of 2007, and his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University College of Law, class of 2011. At Washington College, he enjoyed being a 4-year starter of the varsity baseball team, serving as team captain and earning 2nd Team All Conference honors his senior year. As the CEO of Crossroads, Mr. DeBartolome is intimately involved in all areas of the company – from the mailroom to the boardroom. He is responsible for oversight of all aspects of the company’s operations and specializes in operational efficiencies. He has been with Crossroads since 2007 and assumed his current role in July of 2018.

Gina DeBartolome

Director, Operations

Ms. DeBartolome received her B.A. in Human Development from Washington College, class of 2012.  As Director of Operations, she employs her educational background of human psychology and sociology in making sure she is involved in every aspect of Crossroads’ daily operations.  She takes pride in being able to help our clients’ membership in any way possible.  She started part time at Crossroads in 2007, became full time in 2012 and assumed her current position in November of 2023.  In her free time, Gina loves to travel, having seen 16 countries so far.  She is also a diehard New York Yankees and New York Giants fan, unfortunately…for now.

Barry Marzigliano

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Marzigliano is an accountant by trade, having worked as a corporate controller for various companies of all sizes. As the COO of Crossroads, he is responsible for the silky smooth operation of all company services and processes – Claims Administration, Fund Office Support, Member Support, Case Management, Payroll Auditing, and Consulting. He is also responsible for all client banking and financial management. In his spare time, Mr. Marzigliano enjoys chasing the little white ball around the golf course. He has been with Crossroads since 2003.

Nicole Rakauskas

Chief of Staff

Mrs. Rakauskas graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute, class of 2009, and immediately put her degree to work as a massage therapist.  Following a 7-year tenure, she moved on to bigger and better things at a multidisciplinary medical office, where she worked with physiatrists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.  She eventually found her way to Crossroads in 2019 as a Member Support Agent and quickly ascended the ranks to her current role of Chief of Staff.  In that capacity, Mrs. Rakauskas is responsible for the logistics of Crossroads, including, but not limited to human resources, project management, and media relations.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.  Nicole and her family are proud to support some of New York’s finest – the NYPD.  Her father, Jerry, was a retired NYPD Detective.  We join Nicole in honoring those who have served, those currently in service, and those who will serve.

Veronica Suarez

Director, Claims Administration

Mrs. Suarez is a seasoned and savvy claims examiner at heart. Prior to joining Crossroads, she rose to various management-level positions and accumulated over 20 years of claims experience with several major insurers, including Aetna. As the Director of Claims Administration for Crossroads, Mrs. Suarez is responsible for the oversight of all claims administration processes and procedures, specifically the creation and maintenance of claims schedules and benefit tables pursuant to client benefit plans, provider maintenance, coding compliance, and plan development. She has been with Crossroads since 2002.

Krista DeRosa

Director, Support Services

Mrs. DeRosa has been an integral part of the Crossroads family from the beginning. She rose from her original entry-level position to her current role as the Director of Support Services, overseeing the Fund Office Support and Member Support departments. As the Director of Fund Office Support, Mrs. DeRosa oversees the department’s entire operation, including the billing and collections of contributing employers to client Funds and maintenance of member enrollment and eligibility. As the Director of Member Support, Mrs. DeRosa oversees a staff of dedicated telephone representatives who coordinate the provision of member services and benefits and address any issues encountered by the membership. She has been with Crossroads since 2003.

Mary Ellen Harney

Director, Case Management

Mrs. Harney has spent her entire career immersed in claims administration, benefit plan development, cost containment, and medical case management.  She is a member of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and has been a guest speaker and panelist for the NHCAA on many different occasions.  As the Director of Case Management, Mrs. Harney is responsible for all functions of her department, specifically cost containment strategies, including negotiation of Out-of-Network claims, coordination of surgical, anesthesia, and hospital benefits, and the activities of Crossroads’ Special Investigative Unit, which identifies and pursues healthcare fraud.  She has been with Crossroads since 2002.